Five Topnotch Green Cleaning Agents Needed for End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

When planning to perform an end of tenancy cleaning, you should be mindful enough to avoid damaging anything. Sadly, that doesn’t always happen, especially if you use harsh chemicals with other commercial cleaning products. Nevertheless, you have more options that could help you to avoid such situations before calling end of tenancy cleaning service providers in London. In this regard, green cleaning agents are worth using.

Below are the five excellent eco-friendly agents to use.

Lemon Juice

You are likely to find lemons in your kitchen today. Simply squeeze them into juice and use it to perform all end of tenancy cleaning that your property needs. The citric acid found in lemon juice is not too strong or harmful. For this reason, it’s ideal for performing different tasks such as cleaning. Its benefits include:

  1. the ability to clean areas full of coats of oil and grime
  2. the ability to act as a natural bleach thus removing stains effectively
  3. the ability to double as a deodorizer

Baking Soda

You don’t have to spend a fortune on baking soda. It’s readily available in most kitchens. What is more, it is ideal for cleaning areas that refuse to be clean despite applying normal detergents. In addition to that, baking soda is also a safe green cleaning agent to use. Therefore, you should not hesitate to use it the moment you notice the following from your metal items and surfaces:

  1. rust
  2. tarnish


Vinegar is also perfect for end of tenancy cleaning. Its green properties make it harmless on your skin. Here, you should restrict yourself to either cider or white vinegar. Its weak acidity makes it capable of solving several cleaning problems that you notice on your property. For the most part, it will prove highly efficient on surfaces or objects that are full of the following:

  • greasy
  • wax

Essential Oils

Essential oils are green; thus, unlikely to present the problems associated with commercial cleaning agents and harsh chemicals. Apart from that, they are also popular for the alluring scent they emit. Moreover, they are safe with humans, pets, and plants. For this reason, you should consider adding them to your cleaning recipes. Alternatively, use them as deodorizers.


Many detergents are eco-friendly thus worth using in end of tenancy cleaning services. Laundry soaps and dishwashing liquids fall in this category. When you dissolve them in water, they will form a mild and nontoxic alkaline cleaner. However, make sure that you use warm water, as it’s renowned for increasing the ability of the cleaner to remove the most stubborn stains.